How a singing actor survives in NYC

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1) ACTing the song:

Want to be in PHANTOM, WAITRESS, WICKED, ANASTASIA on Broadway? Everyone can sing in NYC. What separates you is if you know how to ACT (Admit, Connect, Trust) the song.

4 part video:

Part 1: Stephen guides Lauren to treat the song as a monologue and explore her emotional colors.

Part 2: Lauren experiments with physicalizing the "moment before" to find flowing emotional connection.

Part 3: Lauren learns the TIYA trick of "color mixing," which helps add layers to a performance.

Part 4: Lauren explores the contrast of "cinematic versus theatrical" and uses both to create a spontaneous performance.


2) Finances for artists

How do you survive in NYC? --paying rent, monthly bills, social life, and continue to invest in your craft? (voice lessons, dance classes, headshots, casting director workshops, etc.) You have to create a Financial Budget.

5 Part video series.

Part 1 & 2: Stephen helps Lauren identify her expenses and strategies on how to save money buying groceries.

Part 3: Stephen discusses the importance of investing in yourself and how actors really work 2 jobs.

Part 4: Lauren learns ways to balance auditioning with temp jobs and the importance of multitasking.

Part 5: Multiple ways to create income are discussed.


3) Preparing for auditions

How do you get in the callback pile? Do you have the right audition song that matches your type and fits the style of the show? With so many auditions how do you choose which ones to make a priority?

4 part video:

Part 1: Stephen guides Annie on how to strategically target auditions.

Part 2: The importance of throughly researching shows, and auditioning with an appropriate song is explained.

Part 3: Understanding your "type" and how you "fit in the market" is revealed.

Part 4: Persistence, and maintaining strong daily business skills are discussed.


4) Create your own opportunites

Want an agent? Think you're perfect for a role on Broadway, a TV pilot, or a lead role in an indie film? You have to get in the door and you need to create your own opportunities.

4 part video:

Part 1: Stephen explains the power of self submission.

Part 2: Stephen helps Annie write a cover letter to an agent.

Part 3: Stephen reveals multiple strategies on how to target agents.

Part 4: Stephen helps Annie refine her "sales pitch" and interviewing skills.

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